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Brio :: LMCM Collection

New Year’s Eve holds a long history with Masquerade events…

Traditionally masks are removed at the stroke of 12 o’clock revealing your ‘new’ self to the New Year, a commitment of purification and new beginnings. I love this! It sounds so passionate – an honour to our soul of putting our best persona forward.

I believe – a mask accoutrement for such an occasion should reflect our ‘current selves’ – all the glamourous achievements of our goals accomplished and resolutions achieved over the past year. Why not let your soul sparkle and shine!?
Lynda Marie :: Brio

2014 has been MY most incredible year to date. I was determined to be passionate about my work in 2014 – I resolved to do everything possible to get my work to level of inspiration (to myself most importantly). I have since realized that this type of resolution only fuels the fire for the future years to come.

So here’s to determination and tenacity and brilliant work. I can’t wait to see what 2015 will have in store for us all!

Lynda Marie :: Brio

Meet ‘Brio’ – the first mask and accessory to be introduced from the LMCM Collection.

‘Brio’ is an Italian word meaning Liveliness, Vigour and Vivacity. Three fairly fierce words all wrapped up in one gloriously strong and tenacious definition.

This hand-sculpted mask is created from ebony silk velour and gold flecked silk lame. Adorned with peacock herl, Swarovski crystals, pearls, braided leather banding, crocheted lace, hanging silk tassels and a handcrafted wooden handle. Lynda Marie :: BrioAs you bid farewell to the old year at the stroke of midnight tonight, sing Auld Lang Syne with your friends and pucker up for your New Years Kiss – know that I’m wishing you a New Year full of Passion – In every aspect of your life!! Xo

See you in 2015!Lynda Marie :: Brio

Lynda Marie Couture Millinery:: Brio

Photography:: Shimon Photo

Hair:: DM & Company

Make-up:: Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley

Model:: Tyna @ Coultish Management

Styling:: Lynda Marie & Erin Bradley

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