Chocolate Lily :: LMCM Collection

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Chocolate Lily :: LMCM Collection

Chocolate Lily – The flower symbolizing the ‘Power to Please’.

This piece feels a little bit nostalgic to me. It was created in honour of a period in my life and my absolute love for one of the most unusually stunning flowers ever created by Mother Nature. We are lucky on the west coast of Canada that this beautiful gem of a flower actually grows in all it’s splendor in the wild – there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon a field of the little gems or seeing just one in real life for that matter. Honestly when you’re done reading this – you’ll want to google ‘Fritillaria’ or ‘Chocolate Lily’ (as they are more commonly known), just to see what I’m talking about. This flower – although very small – demands attention just like it’s hat counterpart. Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5338_web

My passion for flowers, as you will see that I incorporate a lot of into my designs, comes from my life as an award winning floral designer. I’ve been creating with flowers since I was young and have always been intrigued by the complexity and beauty that comes from a stem in the dirt. (Read more about that on my FLEURtacious site HERE). Naturally my hands want to recreate a refined inanimate version of the perishable delicacies that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by.Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5335_web ‘The Power to Please’ is a strong statement. And what an interesting concept that we all have this power within to give satisfaction, pleasure and contentment to those around us – but most importantly ourselves. It’s very easy to get caught up in the space of always trying to please other people and deliver our best – that sometimes we completely forget about ourselves. I know that I was lost in this – and that I needed to make some pretty drastic changes in order to get back to a place where I was proud of myself, and back on track of my goals and ambitions as well as being pleased with ME. It has been quite the year and I couldn’t be more excited than right now with where I am. Oh the amazing things you can accomplish when you set yourself a determined goal. (Confession – New Years 2014 resolution – NAILED IT and blew the ‘best before date’ right out of the water. It’s been a lot of hard work and determination to get here, but feels so good!). So while you’re out there taking on the world, remember how important it is to take time for YOU – And it never hurts to wear a gorgeous hat while you’re doing it!

Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5303_web

Chocolate Lily is created as a luxurious velvet pillbox, embellished with hand-crafted flowers – featuring glass beading, Swarovski jewels & vintage French veiling. The depth of this piece is luring – every piece sparkles and enchants. The sheen on the lush velvet base of this hat is absolute golden decadence.

Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5285_web

Lynda Marie Couture Millinery:: Chocolate Lily

Photography:: Shimon Photo

Hair:: DM & Company

Make-up:: Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley

Model:: Tyna @ Coultish Management

Styling:: Lynda Marie & Erin Bradley

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