I Tip My Hat

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I Tip My Hat

What a funny thing – the start of a blog column… There’s a million ways I could welcome you to my new blog, new website, new adventure – but the only way that seems appropriate is to start it off with ‘I Tip My Hat To You’.

And here’s the Wikipedia version of what I mean by that…
‘… doffing one’s hat as a cultural expression of recognition, respect, gratitude, greeting, or simple salutation and acknowledgement between two persons’.

My heart melts at the sight of this simple gesture. It unfortunately doesn’t happen all that much anymore, but I’ve experienced it! (More on that later). It’s a classic feeling, something nostalgic and reminiscent of bygone eras – which truthfully – until recently has been where ‘hats’ and the ‘craft of millinery’ have lived for many as well. I plan to help change that!

It also sounds like a fairly accurate account of how I’d like my introduction to the new Lynda Marie Couture Millinery blog to ‘visually’ feel… I completely RECOGNIZE the time it takes from a busy day to read someone’s thoughts, share in their experiences and learn some of their knowledge. I RESPECT the craft of Millinery so deeply that I can’t wait to share my passions for this beautiful wearable art. It is with my utmost GRATITUDE that you’ve chosen to follow me on this adventure and please comment your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

So for the official GREETING – Welcome to this great space where I will post about my personal experiences on the process of creating, collaborative photo shoots, detailed insight into the pieces I make and the amazing people that I get to work with – along with info of the trade and the many people who influence me.

This is me – just a few short years ago….
Lynda Hat
Although it doesn’t look like it – I’ve really loved hats my whole life! Haha!

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See you back here soon!

xo Lynda Marie

lmcm ‘Merriment’ hat featured on cover


  1. Love you xoxo …..so very proud of you!!!!
    This is amazing going to love watching you continue to grow and enrich the world with your endless talent and creativity.

  2. And I “Tip My Hat To You”! It’s been an incredible ride and I’m loving every minute of it!!
    You can’t see it in your picture, but even your baby sandals had stiletto heels on them!! LOL
    You’ve been classy from the start – it’s the Look of Lynda 🙂

  3. Lynda, I love this blog-what a great start. So looking forward to reading more and adding a bit of style back in my life, even if only vicariously! So proud of you, my friend xxx

  4. Beautiful first blog, Lynda! ! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you! Such a cute picture of you as a little one :).

  5. What a wonderful start to a wonderful adventure!
    You are so amazingly talented and it is about time the world gets to see xo

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