Miss Jazz :: LMCM Collection

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Miss Jazz :: LMCM Collection

Last night I blocked for hours – I couldn’t help it. It was the music’s fault… (at least that’s what I’m going to be blame it on). I was lost in time, creating what I love.

I was listening to those good ‘ol American Songbook Classics – Frank, Ella, Ray, Louis, Billie – and yes – I mixed in some of Tony & Gaga’s ‘Cheek to Cheek’.

What is it about this genre of music that almost transports one to a beautiful long lost era? I imagine the dresses and adornments, the cocktails consumed, the dancing for hours, the joy, the frivolities, the elegance!!

I crave more of all of this in my life!

Lynda Marie :: Miss JazzI’ve experienced a few ‘flash back in time’ moments and ‘Miss Jazz’ is a subtle reminder of one such moment. This was the very first piece that I created while studying with Anya Caliendo in New York a few years back. I loved how ‘Jazz’ if felt. And so the story of one such moment, goes like this…

I met two wonderful ladies and friends during my class – Elaine and L’aine from Florida. Never before have I encountered such imaginative, creative and full of life gals. On the weekends we travelled together to the city and I was spoiled with a chance to stay at their friend Jen’s incredible apartment overlooking Central Park. Jen is a personal chef and so of course knows all of the most delectible places to eat in the city. (This in itself was a true experience!). My palette was in a pure bliss state for the entire weekend…
Lynda Marie :: Miss JazzNow to set the tone… We all stayed-in for dinner one evening at Jen’s. It was November, so daylight faded early and all of the lights in the park were sparkling away. The city was buzzing, and showing off – as only NYC knows how to do. We were graced with an incredible meal of Osso Bucco (I had only ever heard of this in movies before!), a decadent mixed mushroom risotto (delicious beyond words!) and wine – such good wine! It was a meal from another world!… We drank champagne on the patio and listened to Billie Holliday at full volume – along with other classic jazz greats… I kept pinching myself to make sure that I was really there and that it wasn’t just some fantastical dream that my cruel brain was playing on me.

I likened myself to the character of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby. Every second of it was devine and an experience I WON’T EVER forget! (After all – they write movies and songs about moments such as this!).

It felt so surreal! It felt Jazz!Lynda Marie :: Miss JazzLMCM ‘Miss Jazz’ is created on an Alice Band, with velour base adorned with beautiful feathers, beading, pearls and silk tassels.

(This piece was recreated in slightly different tones for a theatrical production in California. Remember any piece that you see featured can be recreated to suit your specific requirements!)


And as for all that blocking that had me consumed yesterday… My Mom and I take a ‘get-away’ together every year – Just the two of us. This year we’re going to Tony & Gaga’s ‘Cheek to Cheek’ Tour in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been waiting years to see Tony Bennett live and now that he’s touring with one of my favourite vocalists Lady Gaga – I’m sure we will experience another classic ‘flash back’ to bygone. We will of course be properly dressed, complete with new LMCM accoutrements – We’re going full glam!! Can’t wait!!

Stay tuned for pics of our night and the new pieces being created for this event…Lynda Marie :: Miss Jazz

Lynda Marie Couture Millinery:: Miss Jazz

Photography:: Shimon Photo

Hair:: DM & Company

Make-up:: Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley

Model:: Tyna @ Coultish Management

Styling:: Lynda Marie & Erin Bradley

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