Scarlet Feather :: LMCM Collection

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Scarlet Feather :: LMCM Collection

To choose a first piece from Lynda Marie Couture Millinery’s collection to formally introduce – feels like a bit of a daunting task…

The anticipation of each creation having their turn in the spotlight fills me with excitement, but it’s also wrapped up in a sheer layer of intimidation – because in turn I’m also revealing a little bit more about myself. In all honesty, that’s what you would come to expect of an art piece that is made by hand, dreamt by one’s mind and presented and styled by the same person. There HAS to be a personal connection that is entwined into that piece’s soul… And maybe that’s what intrigues us so much about art. Maybe that’s what sets an artist ‘free’. Maybe that’s what makes the collector/observer/admirer love their piece so much more – because they understand ‘where’ it came from. I’m not talking about what city or country – I’m talking about ‘where’ in time and how that piece came to ‘be’.
Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5971_web
In honour of Remembrance Day, I would like to introduce you firstly to ‘Scarlet Feather’. A prevalent colour in our minds this week Crimson Red, a colour of strength, courage, love, determination and energy. ‘Scarlet Feather’ was the only choice appropriate as the featured hat of the new Lynda Marie brand based on what it represents.


This velour cloche embellished with grosgrain ribbon, glass beading, feathers & herl and finished with limited edition Cecil Beaton print silk lining, was created during my studying in New York. This fiery piece and I have been through a lot together from initial concept, execution and approval, down to the hat’s choice of wearer and presentation. Many women have fallen in love with the classic style, famously popular in the 1920’s (my favourite era of all time) and although there are many variations on the shape and style – the cloche remains a very selective piece. But I promise you – when ‘Scarlet Feather’ has met her match in a woman – something magic happens. They radiate ultra chic & class!

Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5987_web

 The name comes from a book I read long ago, where I felt so much admiration for the main character – she was tenacious and classic with a touch of self-righteousness. I laughed at the process of creation with ‘Scarlet Feather’ because I felt as though this was exactly where the hat was derived from, some far away memory and it took on the traits of this character. ‘Scarlet Feather’ knew what it was meant to be – long before I knew myself and even when questions arose on colour combination and use of certain materials – I knew that I needed to keep on track and it would reveal itself completely and self-righteouslessly. This piece has given me a whole new meaning to the term – ‘pass with flying colours’!

Millinery Fashion- Lynda-5993_web

At the end of the Lynda Marie Collection Shoot – we decided to ‘play’ a little longer with the phenomenal space we were able to work in.

And here’s what happens when you set a photographer free… completely in love with these images by Shimon Photo. My favourite part of a photoshoot is seeing the pieces come to life – Pure Magic!


Space_20140702_0079_web Space_20140702_0076_web

Lynda Marie Couture Millinery:: Scarlet Feather

Photography:: Shimon Photo

Hair:: DM & Company

Make-up:: Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley

Model:: Hailee @ Coultish Management

Styling:: Lynda Marie & Erin Bradley



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