Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

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Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

We grow up with fairy tales. As kids, they’re usually read to us right before bedtime so that we dream sweet dreams of a fantastical life. It’s no wonder where the inspiration behind this editorial bridal shoot came from – just a bunch of big kids playing and dreaming and creating something fantastic.

Snow White :: Real Weddings EditorialIt is such an honour to be featured on Real Weddings – Bridal Inspiration File, with this fun collaborative group.

“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity.” – Linda Naiman

Snow White :: Real Weddings EditorialSnow White :: Real Weddings Editorial   Details, details, there can never be enough…

 Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial  Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial Snow White :: Real Weddings EditorialSnow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

Now it’s not just any old bridal bouquet that would fit the request of a princess, especially one of such a cherished fairy tale. I challenged myself to imagine what exactly would Snow White carry on her wedding day!? Nothing I’d ever seen before would do. I narrowed it down to something very clean, polished – definitely a striking red and it would have roses, lots of roses… or maybe just one rose… maybe just one gigantic rose… the kind you’d only find in a fairy tale… with a gorgeous vine wrapping around and cascading…

(Yes – I know I get totally consumed by creativity!)

More about this bouquet below…

 Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial Snow White :: Real Weddings EditorialSnow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

Amaryllis is my all time favourite – it’s so regal and demanding and just, incredible…Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

A composite rose bouquet was the only way to go for our Princess. I’d only ever seen a composite bouquet in very dated pictures, from long, long ago (no wonder why it felt as if it would be perfect in a fairy tale). Excited about my challenge ahead, I had never created anything like it before – and so, I set about my masterpiece. Using eight fully blooming roses, I began to wire and wire and wire and wire, each petal individually adding more and more volume to create the desired look. The rose ended up being 8″ round and INCREDIBLE!!! If roses actually grew this big, I would be in heaven for the rest of my days!!

But those kind of wishes only happen in fairy tales…
Snow White :: Real Weddings EditorialSnow White :: Real Weddings Editorial In September of last year, I was asked to assist at Anya Caliendo Haute Mode‘s presentation in New York for MBFW. It was such a surreal feeling and an incredible opportunity that felt as if I was living right there in my very own fairy tale! (I promise to post much more about this incredible experience I was bestowed). There were so many incredible hats, but a beautiful piece in particular caught my eye right away, it was unlike any bow I’d ever seen… And very aptly named – En Vogue (please click the link to see for yourself).

When I was approached to be a part of this Snow White themed bridal shoot. I could not get the idea of a gorgeous oversized bow out of my mind – a modern play off the traditional little Snow White bow… using crimson red velour to give a rich, deep texture and gorgeous crimson sequins inside to add some fun and whimsy. Welcome to the modern Show White…

Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial The ever-so-talented Erin Bradley, working her magic on Mary’s… I mean Snow White’s already beautiful face.

This photo is my favourite!!Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

Lynda Marie Couture Millinery is proud to have been a part of this amazing team involved in creating this fun, fantastical wedding editorial! Kudos to this fantastic group of vendors:

Photographer:: Lilly Ann Photography (All photos above are courtesy of this fantastic photographer!)

Décor & Staging:: Beauty Bride

Floral:: FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie

Make-up & Hair:: Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley

Dress:: Ella Rosa at Victoria Bridal Boutique

Stationary:: Tuktu Paper Co.

Cake:: Passion for Cakes

Millinery:: Lynda Marie Couture Millinery

Model:: Mary Rubin at Coultish Management

Snow White :: Real Weddings Editorial

I hope you enjoyed!!

Much Love, xo

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